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I am the one they call Pugs, the founder of I've been sucking the sweet steam for around 5 years and like nothing more than to entertain people with lighthearted vape reviews that occasionally....if you're lucky....have a little bit of useful information within. My daily is usually a wide RDA on a PWM lipo mod in the lower ohms and the higher watts and I love my dessert vapes.
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Avid vaper with 3 years experience. Daily driver will be a PWM mod with an airy RDA. I Prefer long naps on the couch over short romantic walks in the sand.
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Vaped on and off for 4 years but I am now over 2 year analogue free. I mix all my own juice and have done so for quite sometime. I love a massive RTA (I’m a bit lazy when it comes to filling). My daily drivers include Mechs, Lipo PWM and Regulated Mods. Currently I am seriously enjoying the convenience of a couple of good mech squonk mods (ya pretty much I will vape on anything that works).
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Tried vaping for the first time 4 years ago but didn’t really commit to it until 6 months later when my best friend told me to stop being a cheap ass and get a decent setup. From then on I have been hooked and vaping is the only thing that has ever worked to keep me off cigarettes. I am so grateful and have embraced this hobby with such a passion I feel it is the least I can do to help others. I do this for the love of the vaping, I hope I can help as many people as possible to quit cigarettes.
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Hi, I'm Walt. My friend Ogre has been a lot of fun on a number of forums as well as here on the Steam Team. Probably best known for loving vaping and children with horseradish cream. He or I or both, like doing an occasional video review, vapinwally on youtube, and have been graciously included within the SteamPugs umbrella. That's it. Nothing existential or magnanimous, just your average Ogre.
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Administrative Assistant
An avid vaper of anything dessert related and a behind the scenes magician at Steampugs.
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I am co-Administrator here. I am a natural problem solver / troubleshooter and apply this in anything computer related. Gave up smoking 3 years ago and started vaping, founded a fantastic community over at where I met Steampugs and the reviewers you see here.
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