Steam Crave Glaz RDSA review by Mjag

Hello once again and thank you for viewing my review of the Steam Crave Glaz RDSA which was sent directly from for this review. Glaz RDSA 30mm(Rebuildable Dripping/Squonking Atomizer) Modular style deck for postless and series Quartz Glass Top Cap (Heat Resisting 2710℃) Bottom angled airflow, airflow travel to coil for maximum flavor production With a regular 510 …

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Pugsley tiptoes out of the comfort zone with the Ehpro Armor Prime Mech Mod & Panther RDA

Embrace indeed, in almost 2 years as a reviewer…only once have I ever reviewed a tube of any description, mech or otherwise, I haven’t even used a mech tube regularly in about 4 years, let alone given my opinion on another one…..

That nagging voice in the back of my head…

Dare I?……Dare I give my opinions on something that has an almost religious following without having the prior credentials or knowledge on such a thing….? Does one time….actually count for anything?…

No…don’t be a dick…

Or at least that’s what I thought at first, I am after all, a middle-aged, cantankerous, stubborn, old fuck weasel…alas…I am also a sucker for a sad face….and although my mind had already been made up at this point, when I opened this particular piece of surprise vape mail……..a sad face….is what I saw….

And the feeling….was almost maternal….had it been that long since I put a tube to my mouth (watch it now…) ….did I miss this……this way of vaping?…..

So I turned to my other half, tube in hand, and asked her opinion….”I think I like this…should I review it?”…

I can’t remember the exact words she used….but it definitely translated to “you should totally suck that pipe”…

Sometimes…I really don’t know where I’d be without her unyielding love and support….

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Pugsley’s jam packed yet short review of the Wotofo SMM Nudge 24 RDA

Welcome back my cloudy cretinous creatures, back again with another pile of barely legible nonsense, and this time we are looking at something that has been designed by another reviewer……Well……it’s been a while, it’s also been a while since this thing was released, 4 months…..maybe more…but it’s been sat there in my backlog and now…is …

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Pugsley’s mean green flavour machine review of the Wismec-Jaybo Luxotic BF Kit

I admit right now, don’t judge me, but I do enjoy from time to time..the finer things in life, I work hard for my money, and occasionally I may well pay over the odds for something that is of such a fine quality, that I feel I have earned the right to own it…or eat it….or drink it…or indeed …wear it…..this by no means makes me a snob, I fart in public to the utter disgust of my other half, and can quite often be seen ‘wearing’ a kebab whilst staggering home from the pub like any other bloke at the weekend, but shove a high quality item with an offensive price tag under my nose , and if funds allow, then more often than not…I am defeated…

I am the absolute polar opposite of my better half who, even in her thirties, still shops like a student and then complains when her ‘designer’ top will only fit our 5 year old daughter after it’s first wash or when that 9p tin of ‘own brand’ baked beans tastes like a bowl of runny red bum nuggets……. that I have to pretend to enjoy…

Blame my mother, it’s almost comical that everytime my Mrs is out for the day, she lets me know in her own special way….that it is indeed time for an impromptu…and secret food shop at Waitrose…

The apple it would appear….did not fall too far from the tree.

So….what happens …..when I am presented with a beautifully crafted item of the highest quality, an item that would normally have me checking my bank balance within mere seconds of clapping my materialistic and all too gullible peepers upon its luxurious appearance ……yet possesses a price tag that would suggest my Mrs bought it from Danny ‘discount deals’ McDodgybastard down the pub……..well……..conflicting bewilderment and pessimistic suspicions of almost ‘clown car’ durability is what …..I mean it has to be like that?…..Doesn’t it…??

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Vandy Vape Phobia RDA review by Mjag…No More Fear…No More Phobias!

Ok ok, that last part of my title is cheesy but that is what is written on one of the top caps….


If you have a phobia to noisy airflow you may want to read on…..toot toot.


  • 24mm diameter 31mm tall to top of chuff cap excluding 510 pin
  • Gold plated 510
  • Squonk pin included
  • Gold plated phillips installed and allen grub screws included as spares
  • Postless design
  • Dual airflow, hits from the bottom and slanted sides
  • Includes 2 sleeves, 1 for 810 drip tips and the other for included chuff cap
  • 510 drip tip adapter

More info can be found on Vandy Vapes site:

Included in the package (Please note I received a trial production sample, retail versions may vary)


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D’Man’s review of the GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit

Thanks out to for very kindly sending this unit to me for review. But as usual, if something’s not up to snuff, you’ll know about it. Purchase link and discount coupon at the end of the review. I have never squonked, so maybe it’s fitting that I did this review from a first time …

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