Pugsley’s generically surprising review of the Aleader Funky 160w TC Mod

Today we are going wayyy back, in vaping terms I am talking centuries (almost a whole year), with a device that to all intents and purposes could have been designed by a child. By saying that, I am not saying it’s a piece of shit, nor am I saying that designing mods is easy, I am simply saying that if someone gave crayons to a child and asked them to draw a picture of ‘one of those adult vaping things’…this is what they would probably draw…despite how inappropriate that request would be….which is probably why it’s been sat at the back of the drawer waiting for me to one day go poking around, stumble across it’s uninspiring packaging, and this time …….actually open it….

You see..as a reviewer, you keep your eye out for that ‘latest thing’ ….or at least something innovative, a half decent USP that sets it apart from the rest – you have to keep it fresh and at least make the effort to make it interesting for people. But occasionally you come across a piece of treasure, yes it’s old….but damn…it’s really good…and there’s a chance it may have just slipped you by,… So….here I am, thrusting it with complete irrational abandon…back onto the stage, to get down with it’s funky bad self…once again..

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Pugsley’s Bare naked review of the Vaporesso Switcher 220 Mod with NRG Tank

To be fair…..it was always gonna happen eventually, if you keep pushing your luck further and further, someone is gonna get bitch slapped…….OBS got away with it with the Bat mod…..Then Vaptio downright took the piss with the Super Bat and Wall Crawler mods…..boundaries were crossed….innocence was questioned….and when the Franchise Copyright Infringement Police (totally a thing)…heard about another multi-million dollar franchise about to get ‘teabagged’….

This time around, it was old timers Vaporesso who were the culprits caught with their fingers in the copyright cookie jar, trying to sneak a cheeky little nibble of someone else’s sweet biscuits…..or at the very least…..pilfer old Granny Hasbro’s recipe…

‘We’ve made a device for vaping, it can change its appearance and has a robotic design on the back, and right in the middle is a logo that looks strikingly similar to Optimus Prime’s mugshot……and we’re not gonna give you a penny for it….that cool?’

And so it was……Vaporesso were taught a fair….and no doubt very valuable lesson…

“Assumption is indeed… the mother of all fuck-ups”

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Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod review by Mjag…Lost Vape quality?

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of the Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod which was sent to me by the fine folks at www.healthcabin.net



  • Temperature Limit: 2-600F/100- 300°C
  • 1.3” Full Colour Screen
  • Output power: 7Watts – 200Watts
  • Max charging current: 1A
  • Max output current: 39A
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.4-8.4V
  • Body material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Stainless steel 510 atomizer connector
  • Anodized Aluminum Faceplate
  • Spring loaded nickel plated brass center pin


  • Lyra 200W Device
  • Charging Cable
  • Lyra Gift Box
  • Lyra User Manual

5 color options: Amber-Silver, Amber-Black, Black-Silver, Black-Black, Black-Red


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Pugsley’s flamboyant and trippy review of the Wismec Luxotic NC 250 kit by Jaybo

Once again…the backlog gets backlogged even more, you see a light at the end of the tunnel….and it just turns out to be some bastard with a torch..and a pile of vape gear in need of reviewing….yes…I know…cry me a fucking river Pugs, first world problems etc etc

Whatevs…..today’s item for review…just wasn’t gonna wait, as soon as I saw it…I wanted it, and why?…..because…..reasons……that’s why…..I don’t see why I have to justify myself with ‘why’s and why nots’ ….(actually…you kinda do….it’s your fucking job) …….that’s quite a valid point actually…..maybe I’ll do that……

Sarcasm…I dig it…

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Eleaf TESSERA with ELLO TS kit review by Mjag

Thanks for taking the time to view my late but finally here review of the Eleaf Tessera with ELLO TS tank. I was provided a pair of kits directly from Eleaf for this review, why a pair? I will get into that in a moment.



Tessera mod:

  • 83mm H x 42.5mm W x 30mm D (510 area 25mm)
  • 169 grams weight
  • 1 to 150 watts
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8V
  • Output mode: VW/RTC/TC(Ni/Ti/SS/TCR)
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.0ohm (TC modes) 0.1-3.0ohm (VW/RTC mode)
  • 3400mAh built in battery

Ello TS sub ohm tank:

  • 4ml (2ml TPD version) I measured 5ml with a syringe
  • HW2 Dual-Cylinder 0.3ohm Head (pre-installed)
  • HW1 Single-Cylinder 0.2ohm Head
  • Spare glass and o’rings

Comes in 5 colors:


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Geekvape Blitzen – A Visit from St. Nicholas?

I would like to thank Healthcabin  for sending me the Blitzen free of charge for review. Despite that I will give my honest opinion.


The Blitzen comes in the standard orange and black box which is associated with geekvape. Mine is the sample pack, so yours may look a little different. The contents however, should remain the same

Sample Box

Box Contents


1x GeekVape Blitzen RTA 24mm
1x 510 Drip Tip
1x 810 Drip Tip
1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter

1x 5ml Spare Bubble Glass Tube
1x 2ml Spare Glass Tube

1x Chimney Extender
1x Chimney Key
1x Allen Key
1x Instruction Manual
21x Spare O-rings
4x Spare Grub Screws (yeah I lost one )

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