Little news for y’all (Totally unrealistic american accent)

Hey my little sweet steam sucking soiree …(ooh new one…totally keeping that)….A little news for you with regards to a wee change on the Steampugs train, we’re growing!….and by that I don’t mean we’ve been overdoing the puddings (totally have….all in the name of e-liquid research you understand)…but no…what I do mean is there’s going to be a few new faces around these parts in the coming days…weeks….years…whatever…

I have some very good friends who have been doing a spot of reviewing as it happens…..different stuff, different style……different….people…so we will be covering other bits and bobs that hopefully will be of interest to a different crowd, The aim is to offer a service to a wider range of vapers all under the Steampugs umbrella…ella…ella…ella

First up on the chopping block is a very good friend of mine from my stomping ground ELR, He goes by the name of Norseman and he loves his Mechs, so I hope you’ll be as welcoming to him as you all were with me….and besides..he’s a Viking so…if you’re not he’ll probably burn your village and take your women, and I mean who needs that really…

I’ll be back quick smart with some literal bollocks about something or other but in the meantime…enjoy this mans work.






1 thought on “Little news for y’all (Totally unrealistic american accent)”

  1. Thank you so much for the warm welcome bro. As Pugs said i do love my mechs and i got a Viking heritage so the part about the village could happen LoL
    I’ll do my best to fit in on the Steampugs train.

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