Test Subjects Required For New Friendly Laid Back Vape Forum

Hey all!…..so….we did a ‘thing’ …..

If you look on the top tab up there ^ you might notice a new feature….yes that’s right, in our ultimate stupidity we’ve gone and opened our own Vape Forum….a little tiny corner of Vapingdom created by vapers…for vapers.

Now….it’s all kindsa brand new, so we need a little help from you bunch of misty reprobates to come and have a look around and offer your assistance in ironing out any kinks you might find, and also to help fill it with anything utterly vapey to give newcomers some interesting content to look at as well as some captivating and friendly vape related discussion 

So jump in and help create the kind of vape community you would want to be a part of by clicking the link below.

Vaping Community Forum

Ta Muchly 




Steampugs Open All Hours ‘Top Picks’ shop tab now live

G-G-G-G-Granville feh-feh-feh fetch me wallet they’ve only gone and opened a lin-lin-lin-link shop on that bloody vaping review website ste-ste-ste-steampunk….pugs…..pugpunk….steamypoos…..pinkpigs…..ooh…I dunno….stupid bl-bl-bl-bloody name anyway….


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Giveaway Winner!!

Congratulations vape_vayyee93!! PM us your details and we will send you your prize 😉

Woftam Joins The Steam Team

 This Is What I Think

Hey all thought I would give you a bit of explanation and introduction prior to posting any reviews.

First of all WTF does woftam mean –  it is an acronym that has been around for quite some time which stands for:  Waste Of Fucking Time And Money.

Lets face it we have all been there shelled out our hard earned for a chance to use the latest and greatest mod/tank or dripper only to find it is a waste of fucking time and money. My goal (and the goal of all of us here) is to give you a little more information prior to purchase of an item and hopefully stop you having that WTF moment when you get you new bit of kit only to find out it is a POS.

I have been vaping for a little over 4 1/2 years and been completely smoke free now for just over 2 (slow learner here lol) the key for me was equipment once I got some gear that was good enough I dropped the sticks o’ death like a hot rock. If you are already smoke free good luck to you and well done if you are still on the path hopefully you stumble across this site and have a read and can make some informed decisions and get some laughs at the same time.

Speaking for all of us – we all try to get it right and give honest appraisals of the gear, hopefully we can guide you away from the not so good and lead you to the stellar.






Enter SignMan

Hello SteamPuggers! I’m the SignMan! I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about me (thanks for the idea Norseman). So whats with the name? I am a real life sign maker in the U.S and when customers see me out and about most will usually say “Hey, there’s the sign man!” or “How’s it going sign man!” and it really grew on me. No I’m not a college educated graphic designer. I don’t design logos for multi-million dollar companies, wrap NASCAR’s or have some huge online decal shop… yet! I’ve been in this line of work for 6 years now and learn something new everyday… which is how I like to try and live my life. If I’m not learning I’m dying!

Hybrid Alien – Digiflavor Pilgrim GTA

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Little news for y’all (Totally unrealistic american accent)

Hey my little sweet steam sucking soiree …(ooh new one…totally keeping that)….A little news for you with regards to a wee change on the Steampugs train, we’re growing!….and by that I don’t mean we’ve been overdoing the puddings (totally have….all in the name of e-liquid research you understand)…but no…what I do mean is there’s going to be a few new faces around these parts in the coming days…weeks….years…whatever…

I have some very good friends who have been doing a spot of reviewing as it happens…..different stuff, different style……different….people…so we will be covering other bits and bobs that hopefully will be of interest to a different crowd, The aim is to offer a service to a wider range of vapers all under the Steampugs umbrella…ella…ella…ella

First up on the chopping block is a very good friend of mine from my stomping ground ELR, He goes by the name of Norseman and he loves his Mechs, so I hope you’ll be as welcoming to him as you all were with me….and besides..he’s a Viking so…if you’re not he’ll probably burn your village and take your women, and I mean who needs that really…

I’ll be back quick smart with some literal bollocks about something or other but in the meantime…enjoy this mans work.






Pugsley’s Celebratory Steampugs $100 Gearbest Giveaway….FINAL DAY TO ENTER!

That’s right people, finally I am going to make good on the promise that I have been making for the last week, CAN I GET A WOOP WOOP!

TUT…….what if I told you I am going to give you $100 to spend at Gearbest on whatever the hell you like……

Close enough…….a bit more enthusiasm would of been nice but still….

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Pugsley’s Cheeky Chapter 2 Choices from those Charitable Chinese Chaps at Gearbest…(and a $100 giveaway)

It would appear…..that those Churlish Chinese Chaps & Chappettes from the Cheap deal Champions Gearbest have been Cheating on us…..I for one am positively Cheerless.

Whilst Checking the ever Changing price Chopping Chart that Gearbest have Chosen me to Check over I damned near Choked on my Chocolate Cheesecake……..Charming.

They’ve only gone and Chiselled away what’s Chargeable to your Chequebook on more than a few Choice Cherishables……(for those Children under 30…you’ll need to Check online what a Chequebook is)

So pull away from your Youtube Channels, those Chores can wait, I’m about to Chastise your Checking accounts with some Choice Choosing’s and take you to Church on what’s worth Checking out….so pull up a Chair and I’ll adorn you with some reasons to be Cheerful.

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Pugsley’s rundown of the Gearbest 3rd Anniversary Flash Sale

So apparently I don’t just do reviews anymore, It would appear I am turning my hand at promotions again….however, when one of my suppliers asks for a little help and sends Bernadette Crimplesnatch around to my house to deliver said message…..

Then what’s a man to do……

It would appear that they require help in destroying the vape budget of my lovely cloudy faced clan so obviously…I am all about that (evil grin)

Soon see about that my dear…..

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Welcome aboard the Steampugs train!…..ALL ABOOOOARD…(chuggachuggachugga)

Steampugs Vapeology Reviews – A….shall we say… ‘lighthearted’ approach to reviewing the world of Vapeology.

Once aboard, sit back, and take in the sights and soun….oh no wait there’s no sounds….and to be honest the sights are more often than not quite…quite mad so….maybe it’s best you just sit back and read the meandering mumbling’s of a madman with an obsession for inhaling desserts.


“Step inside! Hello! We’ve a most amazing show
You’ll enjoy it all we know
Step inside! Step inside!”


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