Pugsley’s Bare naked review of the Vaporesso Switcher 220 Mod with NRG Tank

To be fair…..it was always gonna happen eventually, if you keep pushing your luck further and further, someone is gonna get bitch slapped…….OBS got away with it with the Bat mod…..Then Vaptio downright took the piss with the Super Bat and Wall Crawler mods…..boundaries were crossed….innocence was questioned….and when the Franchise Copyright Infringement Police (totally a thing)…heard about another multi-million dollar franchise about to get ‘teabagged’….

This time around, it was old timers Vaporesso who were the culprits caught with their fingers in the copyright cookie jar, trying to sneak a cheeky little nibble of someone else’s sweet biscuits…..or at the very least…..pilfer old Granny Hasbro’s recipe…

‘We’ve made a device for vaping, it can change its appearance and has a robotic design on the back, and right in the middle is a logo that looks strikingly similar to Optimus Prime’s mugshot……and we’re not gonna give you a penny for it….that cool?’

And so it was……Vaporesso were taught a fair….and no doubt very valuable lesson…

“Assumption is indeed… the mother of all fuck-ups”

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