Pugsley’s Civil(ish) war – Vaptio Special review of the Super Bat 220w & The Wall Crawler Kits

There’s probably a term out there already that describes the kind of guy that although, spent the majority of his childhood reading comic books, is now in his mid forties and still digs the whole superhero ‘thang’ …..other than ‘massive manchild’ that is…which is something that I myself…may well get called…quite a lot….because you see, I am most definitely one of those guys, I’m not ashamed of it……I don’t deny myself it….and absolutely, under no circumstances at all….do I ever…..EVER….parade around the bedroom in front of my utterly bewildered other half whilst wearing an admittedly far too small Spiderman costume, as if that sort of thing could be considered sexy….to anyone..in any way….ever…

Nope….I don’t do that….

My real passion was actually 2000ad/Judge Dredd…..If there was one thing the English were exceptional at, it was writing comic books, and even now, I still collect the odd graphic novel (because they’re comics for adults who don’t want to admit they still buy comics) ….That being said….when there’s a new superhero film about to be released, I do get just as giddy now as I did back when I was old enough for that to be acceptable….manchild…and proud.

So when a company brings out some vape gear ‘loosely’ based around a couple of the more popular superheroes….you’d expect me to be ever so slightly wetting my pants….wouldn’t you…? (you’re old…you literally do that most days)…..

I’ll bare that in mind…

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