Pugsley’s full fat, plucked and tri-powered review of the Think Vape Finder DNA 250

I love animals….let’s just put that out there….not in a sexy way you understand, that’d be a whooole different blog on a verrry different website…but on a whole, me and animals get along very well….which leads me to some mixed thoughts when I see something wrapped in a dead animal purely for cosmetic reasons, In this day and age it’s kinda unnecessary and borderline heartless…..it almost makes you wonder….what kind of person comes up with these ideas…..

I think there’s a dark corner of Shenzhen that deals in the unnecessary, A stealth company managed by Cruella De Vape and her cronies who specialise in exotic murder and distribution to the surrounding vape industry, and one of these companies in particular….fucking loves it.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m no vegetarianised vegan yogurt weaving tree shagging hippy, But when I see the words ‘Elephant Skin’ on the side of a mod box….it gives me a shiver, albeit one I soon forgot…unlike the Elephant by all accounts…who apparently never do that…..well…..you wouldn’t would you…..and if you bought the Think Vape Finder 167…I’d keep your eyes open when walking down the street using it……

And now that Elephants…..unlike their stature….are a little ‘thin on the ground’….it would seem that Cruella and her cronies are branching out in search of other unsuspecting members of the animal kingdom for their luxurious exotic skins to adorn their clients high powered vaping devices….I mean….where will it end I can’t help but ask myself….

Hmm….that old chestnut….

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Pugsley’s wee beastly review of the Envii Loch Ness mod & Artisan RTA

Do you believe in Unicorns?

When asked the above question…most of us would reply “No….don’t be a cockwomble”…(except my Mrs actually…the things she believes in are actually astounding…..and worrying)…but one man, well…..he had a different answer….

“No……but I can make one”

2015….doesn’t seem that long ago really does it, but in Vape terms…. well….I remember what I was vaping on 2 years ago and it wasn’t pretty….looked like a skinny light sabre but man I thought it was cool…not quite so cool to a certain gentleman called Jacob Giverink however, Jacob was a high end Mod enthusiast who decided to build his very own device to compete with the top shelf mods of the time…..I doubt even he foresaw the events that followed.

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