GeekVape Blitzen 24mm RTA review by Mjag…Flavor Blitz?

I received the GeekVape Blitzen RTA free of charge from for the purpose of this review.


Diameter 24mm
Depth 24mm
Height 47mm
Width 24mm
Product Weight 75g
Package Weight 179g


Gold plated 510 threading connection
Diameter: 24mm
Capacity: 2ml / 5ml (with extension tank)
Postless build deck
Single / dual coil configuration
Honeycomb adjustable side airflow
510 / 810 drip tip compatible (with 510 drip tip adapter)

Smooth side airflow blows directly to the coils to provide full flavor.
Large airflow comes from the side directly in a shortest path to provide maximum vapor production.
Build deck is built into the base for convenient access.
18mm postless build deck allows easy coil building and supports both single and dual coil build.
Bubble glass included to provide 5ml juice capacity expansion.

Package Includes:

1* GeekVape Blitzen 24mm RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Standard Edition 5ml
1* 2ml Spare Glass Tube
1* 5ml Spare Bubble Glass Tube
1* 510 Drip Tip, 1 x 810 Drip Tip
1* 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1* Chimney Extender
1*Chimney Key
1*Allen Key
1* Manual
20* O-rings


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D’Man’s review of the GeekVape GBox Squonk Kit

Thanks out to for very kindly sending this unit to me for review. But as usual, if something’s not up to snuff, you’ll know about it. Purchase link and discount coupon at the end of the review.

I have never squonked, so maybe it’s fitting that I did this review from a first time squonker’s perspective. Being very picky on flavor, I always review from that perspective first, because if it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point. Have never had great luck with RDA’s in general, so I was anxious to see what this unit would reveal.

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Pugsley’s accumulation of an amalgamation of vape station….stuffs…..(PRICE CODE EDIT!)

Chances are…..if you’re a vaper who is reading this review….you are already lost….and when I say lost, I don’t mean done for….I mean that you are so far down the rabbit hole of this foggy hobby of ours that even if you wanted to….you could probably never find your way out again.

You see….there are certain levels to being a vaper that myself….and you probably…have tumbled past without even noticing where one level ends..and another begins…until eventually you find yourself stumbling blindly through the thick custard rich smog utterly bewildered with only one burning question ever present in your mind….

Level 1 – The Reluctant Smoker – You smoke (urgh) ….but you don’t really want to, you know it’s killing you and you know that you are paying heavily with your hard earned cash for that privilege….you’ve tried an ‘electronic cigarette’ but it made you cough so it never really stuck…..although….it did taste nice…..

Level 2 – The Awkward Inbetweener – You have an ‘electronic cigarette’ that you use in the day but….when you are at home or out having a drink you might have the ‘occasional’ cancer stick because although you do enjoy this part time vape ‘fad’….it’s just not quite enough to keep you satisfied.

Level 3 – The Quitter – Congratulations, you have made the switch from coffin nails to a safer electronic alternative, you have found a liquid that you dig and you have powered through those awkward coughing weeks by battling those cravings as and when they arise simply by whipping out your ‘vape pen’ and having a little tootle puff on your 18mg peppermint liquid that only cost you a mere couple of pounds from your local newsagents.

Level 4 – The Shepherd encounter – You meet someone else that vapes, only they have a bigger pen than you, some may even have a box, and on this box there appears to be bigger tank….and out of this tank comes a cloud of the sweetest smelling Cumulonimbus that wisps past your nostrils peaking your intrigue and leaving your now chemical tasting peppermint liquid cowering in the corner smelling of nothing but cheap inadequacy.

Level 5 – The Upgrade – Your intrigue gets the better of you and you treat yourself to a new ‘toy’ …nothing too much, say a 50w variable wattage box mod and something called a ‘sub ohm’ tank…..and while you’re at it… might as well spend the extra ten pounds on a 30ml of that liquid that is named in such a way it could have literally come from your mother’s fun bag…what’s the sense in half assing it eh…..I mean….what’s the worst that could happen… go home, you follow the instructions in setting this thing up…and when you’re ready…. you take your first hit….and suddenly as the flavour of that sweet nectar hits your mistreated and tortured taste buds a vision of that Shepherd you met last week…suddenly appears before you….

And in an instant…you fully understand why that person with their little box of electronic wizardry…looked sooo fucking smug.

Level 6 – The Awakening – A tricky level this….I’d go as far as to say that the vast majority of vapers don’t make it past this point, what they have is ample, overkill probably….they have discovered what they think is the top tier in electronic smoking cessation…and as long as they have this…..why would they need anything else??…Pretty soon the residual cravings left over from smoking will be gone and so will this …..’Vaping’….thing…..however….a select few….are never happy, they know there must be more…….. these vapers have stumbled across the rabbit hole….and are peering into it….fearful….yet….utterly intrigued

They didn’t realise just how big this thing was…..after all……this was just to give up smoking…..wasn’t it?…..but….what if?

Ahh…the eternal question….”What if”…..just the slightest whisper of that literal dark magic has sparked the birth of a thousand catastrophic fuck up’s….’What if I just pressed that button that says don’t press?’ ……’What if I just hit him with this metal pipe a little bit?’ …….’What if I just smoked that little rock just this one time?’……..’What if I wore wore red trousers with a pink jumper?’ (okay you’ve gone too far now you need a fucking word with someone) …

“What if this little mod…wasn’t all there was?…. What if I just bought something a little more powerful?….What if I learnt to make my own coils so I didn’t have to spend money on pre-made’s?….What if I learnt to make my own e-liquid?? I could save a fortune!…..What if I bought a dripper and tried that instead?….What if……..what if…………….what if……..?

Level 7……YOU….probably…… you’re invested……you’re in so deep that this whole vape culture has become sooo much more than just a way of giving up smoking, this is a way of life, chances are you already have an arsenal of vaping equipment that could stock a small shop, and you wile away your hours making intricate coils that could pass off as jewellery and even your spare time is taken up concocting e-liquid recipes that could well be served as deserts in a michelin star restaurant……you watch videos….you read reviews (obviously) ….you go to vape expo’s…..and you might even have a part of your house dedicated to everything vape….your beloved ‘vape station’ – and whether you already have a vape station, or have just maybe started eyeing up that spare room, which currently houses a dusty exercise bike along with various other 90’s artifacts that were just ‘too good to throw away’ and because one day you ‘just might need them’ ……this review … entirely….for you….and do you know why?….

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Pugsley’s ‘squonk if you’re horny’ squonk review of a shit load of squonkers

It’s a funny old word, and I don’t know about you but I for one am a bit sick of explaining myself when asked “what’s that?”

“It’s my squonker”

“It’s your what sorry?”

“My squonker”…..(awkward silence)

“You’re just making words up there’s no such thing as a fucking squonker”

“Fuck you if I was going to make fucking words up I would come up with something better than fucking ‘squonker’ now fuck off and look it up you ignorant fuck….and definitely look it up in the urban dictionary while you’re at it….knob”

I probably shouldn’t speak to my mother like that all things considered but when she asks the same question over and over it get’s a little frustrating and the reaction I get when she does read the urban dictionary definition is almost worth the aggro …

It does indeed appear to have a few different meanings…and ironically the one definition that it resembles the closest is the one that you really don’t want to be reminded of every time you…..squonk…..I’ll leave that to your own research…just make sure there’s no kids around when you do….

Regardless …the fact of the matter is that squonking, even though it has in fact been around for years, is enjoying something of an explosion in popularity just lately….and you would have to be hiding under a rock for you not to notice that every single vape manufacturer on the planet worth it’s salt is cashing in on this latest vape ‘fashion’…..and if by chance a new RDA comes on the market…and doesn’t have a BF pin included?….well….it ain’t gettin in club ‘popular’…simple as…..

Squonking it would seem… the new big squeeze…..(really..?)

So…what’s it all about…well, in a nutshell….RDA flavour without the ball ache of having to drip essentially, the idea is sound, although not without it’s cons, so breaking from the normal routine this time around I will be taking a look at 6 popular squonk rigs that are available right now and seeing what indeed the fuck…all the fuss is about…..eesh…just realised…6 specs list’s…..didn’t think this through at all did I …….(sigh) soldier on Pugs…..soldier on….

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Geekvape Zeus RTA review by Mjag..Is it good or just hype?

Hello once again and thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Geekvape Zeus RTA sent to me from for the purpose of this review.
If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.
What you get
I did get a Sample version but generally Geekvape is good at keeping the contents the same as the final release versions and they included a lot of extra’s.
  • Spare glass
  • Boatload of o’rings
  • (4) spare screws
  • 3 in 1 tool
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • 510 drip tip
  • 810 drip tip
  • (2) Alpha Braid coils
  • Zeus RTA with wide drip tip attached

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Pugsley drops it like it’s mildly warm with the Digiflavor Drop RDA

Oh good! a 24mm RDA, I haven’t read a review on a 24mm RDA for at least…ooh….3 minutes?….

I know that’s what you’re thinking, and I don’t blame you in the slightest, the market is sodden with the things, all trying to be cleverly innovative and all trying to be the next Goon…only with hopefully more competent customer service (ooh)

6 months ago I made a comment in one my reviews that I didn’t know what else there was to do with a 24mm RDA…where else could they go?…What else could be done? You had every top tier reviewer in the world putting their spin on most Vaper’s staple dripper…..even the odd supplier was trying to get in on the act…..with unsurprising results…

And here we are again…another 24mm RDA, manufactured by Geekvape’s spin off company Digiflavor and designed by another video reviewer, and this time it’s the turn of much loved and respected Brian from the popular tube channel ‘The Vapor Chronicles’….I don’t personally know the guy for reasons that I am sure confuse Brian himself but I have heard nothing but good things about him…and I am almost certain…he says the same thing about me….what with my …. booming…. popularity…n all….

Regardless…His RDA has been making waves across this foggy sea of ours with nothing but high praise causing more than it’s fair share of anticipation from the vaping community….is this it?….will the Drop actually be big enough to finally smash the Goon’s legendary status??

You know how I like to keep abreast with the latest in RDA innovation …….(sigh)

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Pugsley’s ungodly & mildly thunderous review of the Geekvape Zeus RTA

Mythological Gods sure do get a lot of airplay in this misty world of ours, and to be perfectly honest I’m surprised this one hasn’t come around sooner….I mean he is technically the god of clouds….

And electricity ….

Two things …obviously…we care very much about, doesn’t necessarily make him the god of vaping though…if more recent story telling were to be believed that title would surely go to Technical Boy….

Who does indeed have some skills with throwing the O’s …..but..if you follow the show…you will also know that he is indeed…..a dick and only technically a god ….so….I wouldn’t choose him to be our deity…..if indeed …..we needed one……I mean there is a god to cover just about everything if you peruse your way through the ages but not really a god of flavour….

If ever there was a reason to be a god……that would be near the top of my list…at least I have the right height criteria by all accounts….

So…..Zeus it is…..but is naming a single engine RTA after the god of thunder a mere bold statement, or…if the chatter and anticipation are anything to go by….is this the next big thing to come from Justin….(totes the god of Geekvape) that will strike lightening into the hearts of every vaper who sucks on his drip tip…..(is there a god of inappropriate sexual innuendo’s?….because I think I could totally nail that)

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Woftam’s Review – Ammit 25 RTA – I’m late to the party Dammit!

The Ammit 25 was sent to me for the purpose of this review directly from the fine folks at You can purchase it here: Geekvape Ammit 25


Package Contents:

The Ammit 25 comes nicely presented in a clear plastic box, with security wrap and seal stickers. There is also the customary scratch and sniff on the back of the box for authenticity checks.

Ammit 25 box front and back

Ammit 25 RTA
Extra glass 5 ml tank
510 Delrin drip tip
810 / Goon-style drip tip adapter with 810 drip tip
Chimney extension for use with 5 ml tank
Extras: o-rings | T-style screwdriver | 4 x extra grub screws


Ammit 25 box contents

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Pugsley’s relentless savagery review of the Geekvape Aegis 100w Mod

Better late than never as the saying goes, this review was actually supposed to have been done around 2 months ago, I’m not sorry though…and I’ll tell you why…. Like most people I instantly fell in love with the pictures that were posted of this heavy duty ‘Tonka Toy’ mod and it was literally seconds before I put my feelers out to try and snag one for review. Roll forward a week and I get the text message from DHL to let me know that my Aegis was out on the van and due for delivery THAT day…..exciting times you might think…..but then…


It’s one thing living with the torture of waiting on your vape mail not knowing which day it’s actually going to be delivered if it’s something you’re particularly looking forward to but….being told it’s being delivered THAT day….and that’s the last thing you hear?…….for 48…long….traumatic hours?……There are genuinely no words….

I caved….Obviously…..and got on the blower to these ‘Charlatans’ to see exactly….what the fuck they were playing at…

“Ah….yes Mr Foster….we have been expecting your call, unfortunately we did not have your number to let you know that….and I’m truly sorry to tell you this but……the DHL van was stolen…and your package with it”

I did of course politely explain that they had actually sent me a text message therefore did in fact have my number and could of told me 2 days earlier thus preventing me from having a near nervous breakdown, I also asked in a very friendly manner how it was possible to lose a whole van whilst on it’s delivery rounds and how I did indeed….hope that no one was hurt in said mishap….or….something close to that….

To further add fuel to this utter dismal affair the supplier that sent me the Aegis…and indeed every other supplier I review for…..had completely run out of stock by this point……The Aegis…it would seem….would just simply pass me by….

Until now…….. (you are by far the biggest drama queen known to man)

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Pugsley’s extremely tasty review of the mythical Geek Vape Ammit Dual Coil RTA

Ammit – A female demon in ancient Egyptian religion with a body that was part Lion, Hippopotamus and crocodile, —the three largest “man-eating” animals known to ancient Egyptians……(I call her the Ex Wife)

Sound and look familiar? ….You may remember I reviewed this beast last year , one of the best RTA’s of 2016 and one that I thoroughly enjoy to this day, Geek Vape got this single coil fugly soul devourer down….and I do mean down, the flavour production off this thing was insane and still remains one of the best around….Naming it after a mythical beast known for eating un-pure hearts and devouring souls?…..well….I mean where do you go from there?…what can you possibly bring to the table that could better that?….to improve it in some way?……well…..good question….(nobody asked a question…you’re talking to yourself again…)…

Twice the heads…twice the souls…..twice the appetite….twice the dental floss….

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