Norseman’s Review on the DPRO RDA from Coilart

Norseman’s Review on the DPRO RDA from Coilart

I received this RDA free of charge from for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form.

It comes in a square box with the RDA on top with a bag of cotton and 2 handmade fused claptons from Coilart. It also has a goodie bag with extra o-rings, 8x extra grub screws, one allen key and a squonk pin.

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Pugsley’s triple hearted war-crafty review of the CoilArt Azeroth RTA

I’m gonna start with a little love story…..A good few years ago, one crisp Autumnal morning, I was awoken by the sound of…absolutely nothing, And I soon came to realise that I had indeed forgotten to set my alarm clock leaving me almost an hour late for work….that’s right…’clock’ ….like I said…years ago…anyway, That was strike one,  I rushed out of the house and decided to cut across the park and as I marched across the field like a man with purpose I suddenly felt something a bit….’soft’…underfoot, whilst not slowing down any I turned my head to look at the floor behind me convinced I’d see a pile of freshly baked doggy bum nuggets with my footprint planted right in the centre….but while looking backwards…and walking briskly forwards…and before I could finish the thought ‘Oh good…it was just a pile of leav…. WOH!’….I slipped in an actual particularly mountainous and moist ‘Elephant’ turd …twisting my knee…and leaving me splayed out on my back writhing in agony clutching my…what felt like….shattered kneecap…..strike 2……    “Are you OK?…..oh hi Pugs” ….said an almost angelic voice above me….”Oh…hey” I replied to a girl walking her dog that I happened to have pulled at my friends party a couple of weeks previous …A girl I might add that I had grown to have an unhealthy infatuation with……..and if there was any chance of this being a lucky romantic encounter you often see in the movies….that chance was soon dashed with the next words out of her mouth……”You have shit in your hands…..” I looked down..and sure enough, there was a three foot smear of shit up the outside of leg up to my knee…which I was clutching firmly with both hands…….gargantuan strike 3….

Strangely….I never saw that girl again, but that clusterfuck of a morning all those years ago has stayed with me ever since, and every time I hear someone say ‘Bad things happen in threes’…I can almost smell those shit sodden leaves and bitter humiliation all over again…and as a result of that….I have had a nagging fear of the number 3 ever since…that’s right…I’m a massive weirdo with Triphobia….I mean I was just about getting my head around using 3 batteries without the fear of blowing my face off….and I also have my third child on the way….clearly going to be the spawn of Satan…so I’m working on it…but generally….if it’s a three…it’s going to be shit.

Yes….this is a vape review…all will come clear…..if you’re looking for sense you’re in the wrong town buddy…

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Pugsley’s Wolf in Wolf’s clothing review of the CoilArt Mage Box Tricker Kit

“Please be good please be good please good please be good” (tares open the courier bag like a 4 year old unwrapping their birthday present)……This was me last week when ‘that’ vape mail arrived…..despite the run of amazing products I have had to review lately this I was looking forward to the most……This….was love at first site when I saw it online months ago..

Nothing else had as many hits on my website shop as this device….every time I check my site stats there it is sat at the top of the hit list every single day…without fail…the interest in this little kit is nothing short of staggering, And from someone such as myself who looks at most of today’s advanced vape devices like a cave man would look at an iPad I can’t help but be slightly confused by the attention…even from myself…over something as equally simple as I am…so when asked ‘why is everyone checking this device out?’…..the truth is..

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Pugsley’s magical meanderings and marvelously mystical review of the CoilART Mage GTA

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to”

And so my fellow flying Cloud monkey’s, Here I am ,


right on cue, with another freshly concocted potion full of spell binding nonsenesicles and half baked narratives in the guise of yet another magical mystery tour, and this time, my focus pocus is on CoilART’s Mage GTA……and no, I’m not talking about a wizard stealing a car.

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