Pugsley’s heavy doody review of the Voopoo Drag 157w Box Mod

I can’t for the life of me even imagine what thought process goes on when the Chinese sit down and discuss names for stuff…..don’t get me wrong…I love it….I think it’s brilliant…I mean take the Wanko RDA for example….are you even remotely serious, Oh  you’ll certainly remember it but definitely not for the right reasons…However….On this occasion, a couple of people sat down a few years ago and had a conversation regarding naming their new venture, a brainstorm if you will…..and at some point in that conversation….after a few too many Saki’s I would imagine…someone said…or did….something that gave one of them a real light bulb moment….

“THAT’S IT VOO!!”…..(I’m presuming that was his name)

And so it was….

Howdy doody my lovely little fluffy cloud bears, back again with some more crap….figuratively speaking of course,  For today I bring you something rather bloody interesting, from a company who’s name is…..hmm……how can I put this….

Yes….there……is….you may as well just call your company ‘Bum Fudge’ and be done with it, Regardless, VooPoo is quickly gathering momentum after spreading it’s wings from the Medical field where it was born and becoming somewhat of a player in Vapingdom. I’d heard rumours that they were now owned by Woody Vapes, A company who’s products I am very much a fan of, however having delved deeper it turns out to be the other way around, VooPoo acquired Woody Vapes a few months ago for an alleged 20m……That’s a lotta Cheddar for a company that only has a handful of mods on the market….which leads me to believe that the best is yet to come from the VooPoo’s….In the meantime however they have an offering that pretty much goes toe to toe with the DNA’s out there….and you know what….it’s not half bad either….courtesy of Heaven Gifts …the VooPoo Drag 157w TC Mod

Admittedly the VooPoo Drag may not be the prettiest looking device on the market, and naming it after something you do with a cigarette….or a man that likes to dress….erm…..alternatively…..(whatever floats your boat man I aint judgin)…..doesn’t exactly bolster the companies odd choice in name…but regardless…the VooPoo Drag has more than just a few tricks up it’s flared pink chiffon sleeve…

In a nutshell the VooPoo Drag is a 157w TC mod that runs off a 32 bit version of the Gene chip that Woody Vapes use in their devices, Now I love this chip, the X200 has been a favourite regulated device of mine for quite some time, it never misses, it’s been 100% reliable and as well as being incredibly easy to navigate through it’s menu’s it’s display is one of the easiest to read that I have come across….and to add to that it is also a PWM mod…something that made my ears prick up as soon as I read it seeing as it is very much my preferred flavour  …but that’s all I did….read it…I have found no technical data to back that up and if it is indeed a PWM mod..it’s a silent one, no slight hum upon firing that you normally get….and to be honest…I couldn’t tell….but I’ll take their word for it.

You’ll notice the word ‘Super’ there…but more on the Gene chip and what it is capable of in a little while. First lets take a look at this thing, When you first pull the VooPoo Drag from it’s box you will immediately notice the sheer weight of it…I actually thought someone may have left some batteries in it (it’s happened before)….but no…this thing is BUILT….

I mean it weighs about the same as my lipo powered VTbox 250 and that things massive, I’m actually pretty sure this thing could give the HΩ Wrecker a run for it’s money in a one on one fisticuffs when it comes to durability….

It’s also quite sharp, ergonomics are not particularly it’s strong point, it’s incredibly square edged to the point that it doesn’t feel very comfortable in the hand….not so much that’s it’s a problem…but you most definitely wouldn’t want to drop this thing on your foot through fear of instantly losing a toe….I took precautions of course….sticking with the theme I got in character and put my safety boots on…..just in case…

On the top we have a 510 that is a very solid spring loaded brass pin affair that is visibly screwed to the enclosure (you watching Wismec?) …it feels sturdy and heavy duty but unfortunately isn’t very wide, you see the Drag is almost exactly the same thickness as the HΩ Wrecker……just a lot shorter, and the HΩ Wrecker not really being known for it’s girth…this could pose a problem for some people who prefer their tanks and RDA’s 25mm and above…..and it’s all down to that little bevel you can see running around the edge, Now if that wasn’t there you would have another mm on each side to play with…but as it is..even 24mm tops appear to have a very slight overhang because of it….again….not really an issue but it’s worth mentioning.

On the sides of the Drag you have 2 totally different looks, on one side you have a laser etched ‘DRAG’ logo which covers the whole side, I actually quite liked this to be honest, it wasn’t in your face for a massive logo and you can only really see it when the light catches it.

On the other side however they have decided to slap a carbon fibre ‘look’ inlay on there…I think it’s plastic, the pattern catches the light and kind of reflects like it is actually carbon fibre…but it’s not…whatever it’s made of, it looks totally shit and it’s by far my least favourite thing about the Mods appearance.

Pull off this queens dress and you are greeted with something I absolutely love…(easy tiger)….Such a simple thing to put right but one major irritation I have with a lot of mods, and it comes when you try and change the batteries in a dim lit room…..you can never see the pole icons, you end up waving it around in front of your face until the light catches the microscopic + & – …..most of the time I end up using the torch on my phone, but VooPoo have solved this issue with a couple of very clear…can’t go wrong…stickers…….fucking stickers!….how much do they cost to make?….2 pence??…take notice mod makers!!

Controlling the drag is as easy as they come, If you want it to be that is….large unobtrusive slightly concaved fire button, 5 on, 5 off…3 to select between your wattage, TC in SS, Ni & Ti…..for most people that would be enough to drive it without swamping yourself down in the world of the technical….but believe me when I say that this is just merely scratching the surface. Press the up and down buttons together and you find yourself in a sub menu, in here you will find the VV mode, exactly the same principle as wattage mode except you set the volts instead, there are also 5 memory modes for you to toy around with…not enough for you?…..well….here is where we win over the nerds amongst you……you see the Drag has it’s own software package…much akin to the DNA’s eScribe malarkey, you can download it from the VooPoo tech website and change any damn thing you want, you can even change the ‘VooPoo’ start up graphic to say ‘Cockwomble’ if you so desire (I totally did that) as well as more settings than I care to stress myself out with…now obviously…I didn’t fully fuck around with all of it, the moment I loaded it on the screen I could feel a migraine coming on…..

Fuck that I thought…but what I did do….which is not like me at all….is do a shit ton of research about the technical side of this software from people who really know how to test this stuff and fully understand what it is capable of….I know right!…must of had a funny turn or something….anyway….after both minutes of research I can absolutely confirm that this software….is good….so there’s that.

I even drove it in TC for a while…..seriously I don’t know what was wrong with me that day…it passed fortunately…and I only delved into it for the purposes of this review because apparently the TC mode on the Drag is one of the most accurate ever tested….not by me obviously…but I watched intently as a bloke did a thing…with a doodar….on the wotsit….with some wires…and stuff….and measured things….

According to him..the outcome was…and I quote…’Impressive’ ….who am I to judge, I still don’t like TC.

What did impress me however was the speed this thing fires, 0.02 seconds apparently! (shrugs) I didn’t time it but that bloke did and said it was…and I quote…”Impressive…again” …all I knew was that it felt pretty instant, which works for me because lets be honest, who has the time to wait a whole half a second for anything these days.

Another pro with the chip is the ‘smart’ setting, every time you change your top it asks you if it’s a new coil..nothing strange there, most mods do that, but once you hit ‘yes’ it will auto set the wattage for you as to what it thinks is safe depending on what ohms your pushing, I think this is a great idea, it saves you frying your cotton and giving you a nasty hit when you least expect it, it’s also VERY conservative too, you will pretty much always end up turning it up but it pays to be cautious.

Now then….the ‘Super’ Mode…..this one is an enigma, if the set up you have on hits certain parameters, you will notice that when you keep the up button pressed to increase your wattage it will stop at 129w….hit it again and it will activate ‘Super’ mode, visible by the ‘Super’ on the screen…and climb to 157w…I don’t honestly know the purpose of this, other than to let you know that you’re pushing it a little bit because I can tell no difference between 129w normal mode, and 130w super mode, and on top of that, you can’t see what volts you’re pushing because it is replaced with the word ‘Super’…but it is what it is.

I’m off for 5 minutes to put on some comfy shoes as these heels are fucking killing me….I don’t know how you women do it….in the meantime however feel free to bore yourself with a list of ….things…….the specs.

Size: 90 x 54 x 24mm
Working Voltage: 6.4-8.5V
Working Current:1-40A
Output Voltage Range:0-7.5V
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0 (VW); 0.05-1.5 (TC)
Output Power: 5-157W
Temperature Range:200-600F/100-315C

32 bit super US Gene.Fun Chip
Powerful PWM and MOS Module
Fastest fire speed – 0.025s
Max 157W Output power
Firmware upgradeable
Attractive appearance….(debatable….sorry..got one shoe off…carry on..)

It comes with

  • 1 x VOOPOO DRAG MOD (without cell)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty card

Almost felt another funny turn coming on then……

My final thoughts on the VooPoop Drag would be this, It is a very solid, very well made work horse of a mod, for it to come from nowhere and stand toe to toe with the DNA 167 in a body as tough as a HΩ Wrecker is ambitious to say the least…..but it absolutely pulls it off. The American made 32 bit Gene chip is phenomenal and hits it’s targets right across the board…not a lot of Chips can do that. The looks might not be for everyone but the functionality is next level nerd fodder so if you can live with it’s appearance you’ll be living with it for a very long time and if that doesn’t sway you….maybe the price will.

At time of writing the retail is just over 50 quid…..£53.96 at the current exchange rate to be exact..compare that to a DNA 167….

Use my discount code APUGS15 at checkout and you can bag one of these heavy metal maestro’s for a mere £45.86…for something as well made as this that does what it does as well as it does…..that’s a fucking bargain.

Find it here…..

VooPoo Drag 157w TC Mod Discounted Price

If this is the kind of Quality that we can expect from VooPoo in the future I for one will be keeping an eye out. VooPoo themselves have already promised me their Alpha 1 in a couple of weeks ….I don’t know what it is either but they are launching it at the Vape expo next month….I’ll keep you posted.

Please feel free to peruse the Steampugs Top Picks link shop while you are here where you will find bargains galore and even the odd discount code  the proceeds of which go towards future giveaways.

Until next time.

Yours eternally vapeful




Voopoo Drag 157

Voopoo Drag 157

Build Quality











  • Build quality
  • Functions
  • Accurate TC
  • Rapid fire
  • Nice battery bay
  • clear screen
  • Gene Chip
  • Awesome value


  • Kinda fugly
  • Sharp edges
  • Narrow around 510

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