Norseman is in da house

I thought i would introduce myself before i start posting any reviews.

Reviews is the purpose to why i am here and i intend to do reviews on mechanical mods and RDA’s. Time will tell if there is gonna be reviews on regulated devices as well but i would prefer to not compete with Pugs in that area.

So who am i?

I am a mech user at heart and i love everything about mechs and vaping on them. The most high end tube i got so far is a stab wood tube from Metal Moose that i totally love, and a review on that will be posted later.

Why the name norseman some might wonder… well i am of scandinavian heritage and it is also a name i use within the vaping community so it felt natural to continue to use it for this purpose as well.

I am to be found on various sites online and ELR ( ) is one place since i am an avid mixer and like my DIY. Another place where i can be found is on MyVaporium ( ) where i have been promoted to be one in the admin team that cares for the site and handle whatever is thrown our way.

I hope this says a little bit and i hope my reviews will be to your liking.

Take care and Vape on


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