Pugsley’s ‘squonk if you’re horny’ squonk review of a shit load of squonkers

It’s a funny old word, and I don’t know about you but I for one am a bit sick of explaining myself when asked “what’s that?”

“It’s my squonker”

“It’s your what sorry?”

“My squonker”…..(awkward silence)

“You’re just making words up there’s no such thing as a fucking squonker”

“Fuck you if I was going to make fucking words up I would come up with something better than fucking ‘squonker’ now fuck off and look it up you ignorant fuck….and definitely look it up in the urban dictionary while you’re at it….knob”

I probably shouldn’t speak to my mother like that all things considered but when she asks the same question over and over it get’s a little frustrating and the reaction I get when she does read the urban dictionary definition is almost worth the aggro …

It does indeed appear to have a few different meanings…and ironically the one definition that it resembles the closest is the one that you really don’t want to be reminded of every time you…..squonk…..I’ll leave that to your own research…just make sure there’s no kids around when you do….

Regardless …the fact of the matter is that squonking, even though it has in fact been around for years, is enjoying something of an explosion in popularity just lately….and you would have to be hiding under a rock for you not to notice that every single vape manufacturer on the planet worth it’s salt is cashing in on this latest vape ‘fashion’…..and if by chance a new RDA comes on the market…and doesn’t have a BF pin included?….well….it ain’t gettin in club ‘popular’…simple as…..

Squonking it would seem…..is the new big squeeze…..(really..?)

So…what’s it all about…well, in a nutshell….RDA flavour without the ball ache of having to drip essentially, the idea is sound, although not without it’s cons, so breaking from the normal routine this time around I will be taking a look at 6 popular squonk rigs that are available right now and seeing what indeed the fuck…all the fuss is about…..eesh…just realised…6 specs list’s…..didn’t think this through at all did I …….(sigh) soldier on Pugs…..soldier on….

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Pugsley’s edgy & razor sharp review of the VOOPOO Alpha 1 222w Mod

I feel less than fortunate to be old enough to remember the 80’s with some clarity…not because it was shit….but because it means I’m really old seeing as I was a teenager for most of it….and the clarity goes murky pretty soon after as my weekly visits to the Hacienda put pay to all but very few…of my remaining marbles….

This was the period of my life that was….simple….yet utterly confusing, popular music was full of boys who wore make up and girly hair do’s and girls……..who wore make up and girly hair do’s…

I’m fairly certain I had a crush on a girl called Kevin at one point but that…is a whole different story….. and any teenage hormonal confusion was usually thwarted by a sneaky peak at the women’s underwear section of your mother’s Kay’s catalogue…usually followed shortly after by an awkward conversation with said parent as she wanted to do a bit of home shopping …

And if it was personal …..awkward….information you were after?…well…no internet so it was either a trip down to your local library (in disguise)…..or yet another uncomfortable conversation with a parent should you want to know whether it was normal to grow hairs on the palm of your hands…or if it was indeed…just a result of too much kay’s happy time…

Even Porn…..thankfully to some…..(obviously not an upstanding pillar of the community such as myself) was not left behind on the fast track technological evolution train

This was a happy time when entertainment of any kind was something you looked forward to before it became a constant necessity in everyday life like it is today…..but what the 80’s lacked in modern day entertainment…..it gained in it’s very own niche ‘style’…..and that…..is the incredibly vague link to this impossibly long winded intro….I tend to keep on talking until somebody stops me and well….I’m alone so….(shrugs)

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Pugsley looks for the details in the Devil with the Asvape Lucifer 240w Mod

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’

I absolutely love that movie…and that line…and although I am not a religious person in the slightest I would have to call bullshit on that I’m afraid, because if the big D himself was trying to stay inconspicuous he needs to fire his PR team.

I’m old enough to see the rise and rise of popularity for the king of darkness over the last 2 decades…evil it would appear….now rocks…

Although it has to be said that when it comes to this cloudy world of ours…a world born from the need to save lives and make for a healthier population…..you’d think the devil would steer clear…

However…there’s also a good chance he’s just bored of the depths of hell smelling like a dirty ashtray due to the ever expanding population of tar drenched souls over the last 100 years…..can’t say I blame him to be fair….I mean what’s to like….even the Devil can be house proud

So it comes as no real surprise that sooner or later…..we were going to get a mod endorsed by the unholy one himself….how long do you think it will be before he dips his fingers into the liquid market with a range of evil and inappropriately named juices….

(shudders)…..now that’s just downright fucking dark….

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Pugsley drops it like it’s mildly warm with the Digiflavor Drop RDA

Oh good! a 24mm RDA, I haven’t read a review on a 24mm RDA for at least…ooh….3 minutes?….

I know that’s what you’re thinking, and I don’t blame you in the slightest, the market is sodden with the things, all trying to be cleverly innovative and all trying to be the next Goon…only with hopefully more competent customer service (ooh)

6 months ago I made a comment in one my reviews that I didn’t know what else there was to do with a 24mm RDA…where else could they go?…What else could be done? You had every top tier reviewer in the world putting their spin on most Vaper’s staple dripper…..even the odd supplier was trying to get in on the act…..with unsurprising results…

And here we are again…another 24mm RDA, manufactured by Geekvape’s spin off company Digiflavor and designed by another video reviewer, and this time it’s the turn of much loved and respected Brian from the popular tube channel ‘The Vapor Chronicles’….I don’t personally know the guy for reasons that I am sure confuse Brian himself but I have heard nothing but good things about him…and I am almost certain…he says the same thing about me….what with my …. booming…. popularity…n all….

Regardless…His RDA has been making waves across this foggy sea of ours with nothing but high praise causing more than it’s fair share of anticipation from the vaping community….is this it?….will the Drop actually be big enough to finally smash the Goon’s legendary status??

You know how I like to keep abreast with the latest in RDA innovation …….(sigh)

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Pugsley’s ungodly & mildly thunderous review of the Geekvape Zeus RTA

Mythological Gods sure do get a lot of airplay in this misty world of ours, and to be perfectly honest I’m surprised this one hasn’t come around sooner….I mean he is technically the god of clouds….

And electricity ….

Two things …obviously…we care very much about, doesn’t necessarily make him the god of vaping though…if more recent story telling were to be believed that title would surely go to Technical Boy….

Who does indeed have some skills with throwing the O’s …..but..if you follow the show…you will also know that he is indeed…..a dick and only technically a god ….so….I wouldn’t choose him to be our deity…..if indeed …..we needed one……I mean there is a god to cover just about everything if you peruse your way through the ages but not really a god of flavour….

If ever there was a reason to be a god……that would be near the top of my list…at least I have the right height criteria by all accounts….

So…..Zeus it is…..but is naming a single engine RTA after the god of thunder a mere bold statement, or…if the chatter and anticipation are anything to go by….is this the next big thing to come from Justin….(totes the god of Geekvape) that will strike lightening into the hearts of every vaper who sucks on his drip tip…..(is there a god of inappropriate sexual innuendo’s?….because I think I could totally nail that)

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Pugsley’s miserable as sin review of the Kaees Solomon RTA

Now…I’m generally a happy kinda guy, I like to see the good in most things, so you’d think putting a face on something as inanimate as your vape set up would bring a smile to my face…? you know….it’s fun…you could name it…even converse with it if you were …erm…..lonely…or ……weird…? People have certainly done stranger things….I know I have…..maybe this isn’t the time or the place for that story though…..

It’s almost as if you are giving your vape gear a personality…a little pocket pal to take around with you and share all your adventures with as you frolic together with absolute gay abandon…

However……..this was not to be.

All will become clear……(It totally won’t …..has it ever…??…)

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Pugsley’s relentless savagery review of the Geekvape Aegis 100w Mod

Better late than never as the saying goes, this review was actually supposed to have been done around 2 months ago, I’m not sorry though…and I’ll tell you why…. Like most people I instantly fell in love with the pictures that were posted of this heavy duty ‘Tonka Toy’ mod and it was literally seconds before I put my feelers out to try and snag one for review. Roll forward a week and I get the text message from DHL to let me know that my Aegis was out on the van and due for delivery THAT day…..exciting times you might think…..but then…


It’s one thing living with the torture of waiting on your vape mail not knowing which day it’s actually going to be delivered if it’s something you’re particularly looking forward to but….being told it’s being delivered THAT day….and that’s the last thing you hear?…….for 48…long….traumatic hours?……There are genuinely no words….

I caved….Obviously…..and got on the blower to these ‘Charlatans’ to see exactly….what the fuck they were playing at…

“Ah….yes Mr Foster….we have been expecting your call, unfortunately we did not have your number to let you know that….and I’m truly sorry to tell you this but……the DHL van was stolen…and your package with it”

I did of course politely explain that they had actually sent me a text message therefore did in fact have my number and could of told me 2 days earlier thus preventing me from having a near nervous breakdown, I also asked in a very friendly manner how it was possible to lose a whole van whilst on it’s delivery rounds and how I did indeed….hope that no one was hurt in said mishap….or….something close to that….

To further add fuel to this utter dismal affair the supplier that sent me the Aegis…and indeed every other supplier I review for…..had completely run out of stock by this point……The Aegis…it would seem….would just simply pass me by….

Until now…….. (you are by far the biggest drama queen known to man)

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Pugsley’s ‘Yo Mods so fat’ review of the Vaptio N1 Pro 240w Mod

“There’s a delivery man outside that seems to be struggling dear”……..

You know it’s a good day when your vape mail can’t be handled by just one man, ‘That’s weird’ …I thought….’I’m only expecting one mod today’

“YOU OK MAN?” …I shouted confusingly out of the front door…

“grumble fucking stupid grumble too old for this fucking grumble heavy shit grumble I need a different fucking job grumble grumble”

I rushed out to save the poor man from his imminent hernia….not really…I was just too excited to see what the fuck was causing the poor bastard so much grief…..’Vaptio’ ….. “Vaptio??…..OMG how many did they send me???”

“Can you maybe stop reading the fucking label and help me with this fucking ridiculously massive and dare I say…impossibly heavy parcel….you (insert vaginal expletive here)”

Bit rude…..but help I did….

Before he left I did of course give the poor fellow a tip for his troubles..

“Never use more than 2% sweetener in any of your mixes…you’ll mute the flavour”

I think he was grateful…was hard to tell what with all the sweat….I slowly closed the door anyway….

And besides I didn’t really have time to stand and engage in friendly chatter.. as I had a box in the living room that was slowly sinking through the floor…..

‘Wtf is this thing..??’

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Pugsley’s ‘little worse for wear’ review of the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA

Before I start I should warn you….I am suffering from the mother of all hangovers (still drunk) after celebrating the end of the busiest festival season we have ever done (19 festivals!…. ridiculous! I didn’t even know there WAS 19 festivals!) I am a light tech by day and if anyone is thinking of visiting Manchester for a booze filled night out…forget it….there’s no alcohol left…..we drank it dry..I believe half my team of miscreants are still wandering the streets causing all kinds of …..not much trouble…

Or attempting to discover wherever they left their cars….

“Found it!”

So…I am telling you this because well…this review may suffer as a consequence….or…. it might actually make some sense this time…who the fuck knows….so……what was it I was meant to be reviewing again…..?…..erm…….?….something about sucking a snake….?   (?????)

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Steampugs Open All Hours ‘Top Picks’ shop tab now live

G-G-G-G-Granville feh-feh-feh fetch me wallet they’ve only gone and opened a lin-lin-lin-link shop on that bloody vaping review website ste-ste-ste-steampunk….pugs…..pugpunk….steamypoos…..pinkpigs…..ooh…I dunno….stupid bl-bl-bl-bloody name anyway….


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